Elliot White

Surrounded by paintings and sculptures, ceramics and glass, I have always loved the artistic and creative processes. My family is deeply involved in the Arts, both visual and theatrical, and so it is no surprise that, growing up in this environment, I metamorphosed into a passionate artist. As long as I can remember, I have visited art galleries, met artists and collected interesting and beautiful objects from around the world.

As a product of the Electronic Generation, I have spent a great deal of time learning to use powerful modelling computer programs that allow the birth of concepts and their rendering in a way that was unimaginable twenty years ago. I am, however, deeply conscious of the dangers of computer creativity without a strong foundation in traditional creative skills and my A' level art course provided a initial base for my artistic creativity. I especially enjoyed the metal-work projects, in which we; cut, shaped and welded steel and combined it with other materials and alloys. 

The next stage of my artistic career is to attend a University Design degree course with a focus on discovering an acute purpose for my skills. The courses' emphasis should ideally, be on further developing my skills in the physical manipulation of materials to create functional objects, and allow me to advance my computer graphic skills.