3D Studio Max9 Home Cinema Design Project

Project: The brief was to create designs for a home cinema. The cinema utilises a ceiling mounted video projector with an electric operated drop-down screen and seating was required normally for three people with occasional guests. There was a requirement for storage space for films. Room dimensions were 5m wide and 8m meters long and 3m ceiling height. Research on the internet provided information about the recommended screen size for the room size.

The room images were created in 3D Studio Max9 using the physical dimensions of the space. I designed the furniture which consists of bookcases, sofas, and a glass coffee table. Modern light colours, easy on the eye and  less distracting were selected. The software allowed me to model lighting alternative and furniture arrangements.

The project took about 200 hours. The model can be easily modified to allow testing of different lighting configurations, furniture layouts and colour schemes. Date of completion June 2008.